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Electro-acoustics is the link between the audio and the specific acoustics of the space. The consequent outcome of this link is the quality of the amplified sound to the listeners’ ears. Therefore, the performance of the sound system is inextricably linked to the acoustics of the hotel, restaurant, auditorium, open-plan office, atrium, lecture hall, or shopping centre.

An AVI Pro electro-acoustic design will effectively minimise the excitation of the acoustics by the sound system while still delivering even coverage, intelligibility, and bandwidth for everyone within the space to hear. Our expert sound engineers are effectively able to calculate in advance the coverage, intelligibility, and frequency and, in doing so, optimise the design before installation. Verification then happens on completion, resulting in a quality, high-tech, and money-saving solution that has longevity into the future.

AVI Pro provides pro audio services that include acoustical services, electro-acoustic modelling (engineered sound design), sound reinforcement systems, as well as thorough training to operate these sound systems.

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AVI Pro partners with reputable brands whose products are of the highest quality. These are some of the brands with whom we have worked extensively. This is not, however, a complete list (i.e. there may be brands, whose products we know and recommend, that are not listed here).

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